XTREME X3 All-Terrain Titanium Sand Scoop Review

XTREME X3 All-Terrain Titanium Sand Scoop Review

I had the opportunity to try the XTREME X3 All-Terrain Titanium Sand Scoop. My metal detecting buddy suggested I use his new titanium sand scoop instead of my very heavy stainless steel scoop since I was getting over being under the weather and still lacking energy. Concerned about the several flights of steps down to a beach and back up to our cars, he felt it would be a better choice for me. Generally I wouldn’t want to borrow a friend’s high ticket item, especially a $640 USD titanium metal detecting sand scoop, but understood his concerns and knew it would be best.

Walking a long distance, several flights of stairs with the scoop to get to the beach was great, it is definitely the lightest scoop I have held and carried. 

Using it on the beach was different. My stainless steel sand scoop breaks through sand, whether it’s wet sand or rocky sand like a hot knife in butter. The XTREME X3 All-Terrain Titanium Sand Scoop was a bit different. The weight balance is different then I am accustom to and you really have to put your body weight into the step of the scoop pushing your foot harder than you would for a heavier scoop. This isn’t an issue for a big guy, with a decent amount of body weight. I, however, have a pretty small foot, only a women’s size seven and half. Even wearing my heavy waterproof boots my foot weight was not enough to push it deep into wet, heavy sand without some serious effort. With that said, I would recommend the titanium sand scoop for someone who has a larger foot and has some body weight.  For those with smaller feet and/or bodies, I advise one to be aware of this and understand you will have to thrust your body weight harder on the scoop when using it. This is not to say don’t buy it if you are on the skinnier or smaller side, or have a small foot. Just to be aware of this before deciding to purchase. Think of it as a trade off especially if you are buying the scoop to mitigate shoulder injuries from carrying around a heavier metal detecting sand scoop.

The scoop comes with an optional graphite shaft which has a hand grip made by Motus. My friend who lent me the scoop found the hand grip slippery when wet so he simply put a kids bike handlebar grip on it for added tread to not make it as slippery. Overall if I could afford the Xtreme Titanian Sand Scoop I would buy one, it is well worth it if you are concerned about shoulder or hip injuries from carrying and using heavy sand scoops as a beach detectorist.

The Xtreme Titanian Sand Scoop is made in the United States and ships from Houston Texas with a 10 year warranty. They will repair and replace any scoop that is legitimately defective. 

If you are in the market for a new metal detecting sand scoop and can afford the price tag, I would recommend the XTREME X3 All-Terrain Titanium Sand Scoop.

Pricing XTREME Surf Master X3 All-Terrain (Titanium)

  • Ti X3 46 inch 3K Carbon Fiber Handle $630 USD
  • Ti X3 54 inch 3k Carbon Fiber Handle $640 USD
  • Ti X3 46 inch LH 3K Carbon Fiber Travel Handle $690 USD
  • Ti X3 45 inch RH 3k Carbon Fiber Travel Handle $690 USD

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