Where to Metal Detect

You got a new metal detector and are excited but stumped about where to metal detect. Below is a list of common and not-so-common places to consider detecting. Please make sure you have permission to metal detect the site by asking the local authorities or getting permission from property owners. Always dig clean nice holes that you fill back in. Also always carry out and dispose of any garbage you dig up such as can slaw, pull tabs, melted tin, rented tent stakes…… The key is to leave the place as good or better than when you started metal detecting it. Happy Metal Detecting

Best Metal Detecting Sites

Abandoned Houses and Structures
See Articles: Tips for Metal Detecting Old Homesites – Part 1 & Part 2
Airport Public Viewing Areas
Amusement Parks
Areas Adjacent to Historical Markers
Areas Around Old Abandoned Cemeteries.
– Metal Detect Where They Would Have Parked Their Horse Buggies and Cars.
Areas Around Skating Ponds
Areas where Old Trails Cross County or State Boundaries
Athletic Sports Fields, New and Historial Fields
Band Shells
Battle Sites
See Article: How to Find Civil War Artifacts Metal Detecting in Any State
Campgrounds, New and Abandoned
Church Outdoor Gathering Areas and Parking Lots
Circus and Fair Grounds
City and Town Parks
See Article: Advanced Tips for Metal Detecting Park for Older Coins and Targets
Disaster Sites
Farm Fields
Farmer Market Areas
Fence Posts
Fishing Camps
Fishing Spots
Flea Market Areas
Fort Sites
Ghost Towns
See Article: Metal Detecting Ghost Towns
Hiking Trails
Hunting Lodges and Camps
Junctions of Abandoned Roads.
Lookouts and Overlook Sites
Lover’s Lanes
Military Camp and Cantonment Sites
Mining Camps
Motels. New and Abandoned
Old Barns and Outbuildings
Old Churches
Old Garbage Dumps
Old Gas Stations and General Stores
Old Homestead Sites
See Article: How to Metal Detect Old Homesteads and Farm Fields
Old Property Lines
Old School and Old School Sites
Old Stone Quarries
Old Taverns
Picnic Groves
Piles of Scraped Soil at Construction Sites
See Article: Tips for Metal Detecting Tot Lots
Railroad Stations and Stops
Resorts, New and Abandoned
Reunion Areas
Revival Sites
Roadside Fruit and Vegetable Stands
Roadside Rest Stops
Rodeo Arenas
Rural Boundary Walls
Outdoor Dance Sites
Scout Camps
Sidewalk Grassy Strips
Skateboard Parks, Specifically Outdoor Parks, Where Skateboarders Rest, Or Parents Hangout.
Ski Hills
Swimming Holes and Areas
Town Squares
Urban Yards and Backyards
Vacant Lots
See Article: Tips for Metal Detecting Vineyards
Wells and Outhouses. Specifically, The Paths Leading to Them
Winter Sledding Areas
Where to Metal Detect

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  1. My name is Lionel I live in lakewood California and I’m always looking for places to detect , but I’m not sure where because I don’t know how legal it is to hunt in parks or schools

  2. In my years of hunting, permission is paramount! Ask even if it’s public. Being polite works as well even if you are declined access. NEVER dress as if you’re a coal miner and leave your machine secured in your car. I usually arrive with a code of detecting ethics, pics of my finds (on my phone) and a permission sheet. My sheet included my contact info, ethics, duration that I am authorized to hunt the property. I also ensured the owner that they get to see what was recovered. I hope this helps!

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