Tarsacci MDT 8000 Metal Detector

Tarsacci MDT 8000 Metal Detector

Ideal for coin, beach, and relic hunting the Tarsacci MDT 8000 Metal Detector excels where other detectors might struggle with very mineralized ground. It is lightweight, durable, waterproof (IP68 rating, up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes), and made in the United States, California.

First, of its kind, the Tarsacci MDT 8000 has Mixed Domain Technology, making it not a multi-frequency machine or single-frequency VDI machine but a Selectable Frequency Metal Detector. In short, detectorists choose one of four operating frequencies to run the machine, either 6.4, 9, 12, or 18 kHz. Paired with a unique and powerful salinity balance, the detector makes for an excellent choice for those metal detecting mineralized black sand beaches or grounds with a dense amount of conductive soil and rocks.

What is Salinity

To understand the value of Tarsacci MDT 8000 Detector, we need a quick lesson on salinity. The term “salinity” refers to the concentrations of salts in water or soils. The most common way to record salinity is to measure the amount of salt in 1,000 grams of water, so it is referred to as ‘parts per thousand’ or ppt. Most of the ocean has a salinity of between 34 ppt and 36 ppt, it varies from place to place. Largely at the surface, but there are other ocean areas that tend to be higher or lower. For example, the Atlantic has high salinity due to strong winds and not much rain. The Mediterranean Sea in Europe has very high salinity – 38 ppt or more. The ocean around Antarctica has a low salinity of just below 34ppt, and around the Arctic, it is down to 30ppt in places. The Baltic Sea has a very low salinity of about 10 ppt due to the huge amount of freshwater added from hundreds of rivers.

Tarsacci MDT 8000 and Salinity Balance

With the Tarsacci MDT 8000, Salinity Balance makes it possible to run the detector in very mineralized sand and soils. Using the Salinity Balance will not have you lose detection depth. To use Salinity Balance in a Tarsacci MDT 8000, choose a place in the water that is between a foot to a foot and a half deep. Move the search coil up and down starting from 1 inch above the water level, up to approximately 6 to 8 inches, while keeping the search coil parallel to the water level and adjusting the salinity level, increasing, or decreasing. Find the salinity setting with which minimum or no sound is produced when moving the coil up or down.

The Difference between Salinity Balance and Ground Balance

Tarsacci MDT 8000 Review

For some reading, how Salinity Balance is achieved will just presume it is a Ground Balance. They are different. Ground balance is a must to do for optimal performance and is used when the ground is mineralized.  Salinity balance should be used when detecting salty environments, alkaline soils, and to compensate for some hot rocks.

For those newer to metal detecting a hot rock can loosely be defined as any rock or stone not containing a valuable mineral (gold, silver, or copper) that generates an audible signal response on a metal detector. The rocks contain predominantly iron oxides, the minerals: magnetite, hematite, limonite, maghemite, and or lepidocrocite.

Other Notable Features of Tarsacci MDT 8000

Now that we understand Salinity Balance, let’s talk about some of the other notable features the MDT 8000 has.

Engineering and Thought Behind the Machine – Dimitar Gargov has an impressive resume which shows in the thought and engineering behind the Tarsacci MDT 8000. He has metal detected for over 25+ years (relic & beach) and has been developing metal detectors since 1995.  Dimitar started working on metal detector electronic advancements while he was finishing his masters in electrical engineering back in Bulgaria, where he developed an innovative VLF technology. He brought the technology to the United States, working for Fisher from 2000 to 2007.  Dimitar developed the Fisher Gold Strike, Coin Strike, ID Excel, ID Edge metal detectors, which use his technology, and he receives a royalty for each detector sold. While at Fisher, he also developed the water leak detectors XLT 16 and XLT30.

Impressive Depth – Where other detectors could struggle to acknowledge there is a target, the Tarsacci MDT 800 will get a strong signal a target is there.

Carbon Fiber Shaft, Arm Rest, and Handle – Currently the only detector on the market that goes beyond a carbon fiber shaft, making even the armrest and handle from carbon fiber. Marking it light, durable design, minimizing arm fatigue, and maximizing product life.

Coil Durability – DD Coils are made to last, with strong ears, designed to not break. The bottom has one of the strongest and epoxies on the market, making it durable to scratches, dings, and soil or sand getting trapped in it.

Battery – A rechargeable battery that gives you approximately 20 hours of metal detecting using 6.4kHz operating frequency and 40 hours using 18kHz operating frequency. The Tarsacci MDT 8000 comes with two, giving you 40 hours of detecting, but if you need more, say you are on a camping trip or you can’t recharge, you can simply buy extra batteries on Amazon.com for approximately 6 dollars. When the charge decreases and the battery is at its life end, no need to send your metal detector back to the manufacturer; simply buy another one on Amazon.

Bonus Notable Features

Large Coil Has No Cover – For us beach hunters, it is nice to see the large coil have no coil cover. Therefore, there is no need to slow down detecting when sand gets behind a coil cover and have to clean it.

Review Tarsacci MDT 8000

Learning the Tarsacci MDT 8000

I would like to thank the Tarsacci team for traveling a fair distance to let us try their MDT 8000

Three of us spent only 4-5 hours playing with the detector on a heavy black-sand beach in Southern California. We detected the type of black sand where a majority of metal detectors struggle. The Tarsacci MDT 8000 isn’t the type of detector that you can pick up and go like beginner or novice detectors. Like most advanced metal detectors, there will be a learning curve. Make it clear; there are no quick get started modes as you find with beginner to novice detectors. This is truly a detector for experts who are metal detecting enthusiasts. Like any advanced metal detector, expect to spend some hours with the detector to really understand it.

Tarsacci MDT 8000 Programs
Photo Credit – Detectorist Regis Cursan

Tarsacci MDT 8000, Owner Experience

A quick search of the internet, you will see Tarsacci MDT 8000 has a decent user base worldwide; we could call it a cult following, by relic, beach, water, and mudlarkers. Regis Cursan (YouTube / Instagram Mudripper) an MDT 8000 user states.

“I have owned an MDT since September 2020. As soon as I tried the machine, I found it so intuitive that most of my other tools were retired. I hunt in the UK on the Kent coast for now due to Covid restrictions.

The MDT is easy to use and offers everything clearly, no subs menu, which I think is a plus. Depth is amazing and Ground Balance which can be intimidating for some chaps, is a breeze. Waterproof, perfect for those rainy days, and to use on beaches, rivers, and lakes. The carbon shaft is a work of art, weight isn’t an issue even for Lady owners.

What did put a smile on my face is it uses only one battery size 26650, which will give you a lot of detecting time.

I use mine in 9khz, ALL METAL mode (-30) Sens nearly max out, Salinity 26, Threshold-1.

Identification of targets is great at depth. I’ll say 40/45 cm isn’t abnormal for medium to large targets, and 35 to 40 cm for coin size targets and rings.”

Programs for the Tarsacci MDT 8000

Below are a couple of settings for specific soil and sand types from the MDT 8000 user manual and a user.

Suggested Settings for Mineralized (Black Sand) Saltwater Beach 

  • Set the threshold to -2
  • Set the Sensitivity 5
  • Black Sand (BlkS) ON
  • Salt Mode (St) ON
  • Choose the desired Frequency.
  • Set the salinity level, if unknown to 28
  • Ground Balance the Detector

Suggested Settings for Saltwater Beaches 

  • Set the threshold to -2 
  • Set the Sensitivity 7 
  • Black Sand (BlkS) OFF 
  • Salt Mode (St) ON 
  • Choose the desired Frequency. 
  • Set the salinity level, if unknown to 28 
  • Ground Balance the Detector or preset the GB to 500

Suggest Setting for Old Settlements Laced with Iron
Credit Paul, Forum Name – Apolonio (CA)

  • Set Sensitivity 5
  • Disc Mode
  • Discrimination -10 to 0 (avoid going too low on discrimination).
  • Salt Mode (St) Off
  • Black Sand (BlkS) OFF
  • Frequency 18 kHz
  • Threshold -2 or -1

Tarsacci MDT 8000 Full Technical Specs

  • Technology: Mixed Domain Technology
  • Operating Frequency: 6.4kHz/9kHz/12kHz/18kHz
  • Ground Balance: Manual / Fast Auto
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Black Sand Mode: Yes
  • Salt Mode: Yes
  • Salinity Balance: Manual
  • Salinity Level: 0 to 50
  • Target Identification: Ferrous -30 to 0 / Non-ferrous 1 to 30
  • Sensitivity: 1 to 9
  • Threshold Level: -9 to 0
  • Target Volume: 1 to 15
  • Target Tones: 4
  • Tone Break: Ferrous and Non-ferrous with an adjustable notch filter
  • Audio Modes: All Metal / Discrimination / Mix
  • Audio Output: Speaker / Headphones
  • Display: 128X64 Graphic LCD
  • LCD Backlight: Yes
  • Battery: 26650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3.7V @ 5000mAh)
  • Battery Life: Up to 18h@6.4kHz/24h@9kHz/30h@12kHz/36h@18kHz
  • Operating Temperature: -10C to +50C (+14F to +122F)
  • Search Coil: Tarsacci MDT 11” x 9” DD
  • Optional Coil: 12” Elliptical DD
  • Shaft: Telescopic 3K carbon fiber with molded 3K carbon fiber “S” rod and armrest
  • Length: 965cm to 1346cm (38” to 53”)
  • Weight: 1280g (2.82 lbs) including the battery
  • Waterproof: IP68 (Up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes in still water).
  • Headphones (Included): Wired 3.5mm non-waterproof

Tarsacci MDT 800 Pricing

The Metal Detector

  • MDT 8000 with standard 11X9 coil –  $1495.00
  • MDT 8000 with 12″ coil –  $1585.00
  • MDT 8000 with 11X9 and 12″ coils –  $1760.00

All detectors come complete with two batteries & chargers, 11×9” coil cover, and Tarsacci headphones.


  • MDT-11X9  coil  – $270.00
  • MDT-12  coil  – $360.00
  • Coil cover for MDT-11X9 coil – $12.00
  • Tarsacci headphones –  $45.00

Note: Prices are in USD, suggested retail prices, and subject to change.

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