Want to Recover More Treasure? Read The Ring Finder by Steve Zazulyk

The Ring Finder Metal Detecting Tips

Have you always dreamed of finding buried treasure with a metal detector? Underneath the surface, there are endless possibilities of what you may dig up. The Ring Finder by Steve Zazulyk is full of helpful tips from a professional treasure hunter to ensure you too will be successful with metal detecting. From getting comfortable with your metal detector to successfully starting a ring recovery business, Zazulyk covers it all and everything in between.

This complete guide shows that metal detecting is more than just swinging a coil. It explains the proper etiquette that every detectorist should follow. Zazulyk, a Minelab Detexpert, has done over 500 ring recoveries and includes pictures of some of his favorite finds. Steve even shares a story about how he found a 300-year-old pirate coin when he was filming the first season of History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island.

Tips for New Detectorists

Packed with essential information, a perfect read for the beginner metal detectorist, The Ring Finder goes into detail about the anatomy of a metal detector, the differences between tones, which tools work best, safety practices, the correct clothing to wear, which obstacles and objects to remove to decrease interference with the detector, swinging techniques, gridding patterns, how the different seasons can affect your finds, and much more. 

Metal Detecting In the Water

Learn how to detect in the water. Whether you want to go dive detecting or water hunting, this comprehensive guide explains the techniques that work best when recovering underwater targets. Zazulyk also goes over the correct equipment to use while dive detecting and important underwater safety facts. There are also great pointers on how to clean your equipment properly with tips to increase their longevity. 

Starting a Metal Detecting Recovery Business

If you’re interested in starting your own recovery business, Zazulyk breaks down negotiating with clients, how to build an online presence, where to begin your search, as well as a plethora of helpful tips to make sure you don’t get swindled on the job.   


From detailed diagrams to the glossary filled with common metal detecting terminology, The Ring Finder is a must-read for anyone interested in recovering lost items. It can be easy to find treasure; you just need to know the techniques. If you’re ready to start metal detecting and finding lost jewelry and coins, grab this book and get swinging.

The Rind Finder Metal Detector Book

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