Motley Grass Knife Review

Motley Digging Tools Grass Knife
Motley Digging Tools Grass Knife

Motley has rebranded from Motley Scoops to Motley Digging Tools and released their new hand digger the Grass Knife.

The company known for its colorful metal detecting sand scoops has expanded its line to include a hand digger, which they coined the Grass Knife. Like the sand scoops, the Grass Knife has a unique design of hexagons and a colorful powder coating. 

Besides the quality engineering, colors, and attractive design, what sets it aside from other metal detecting hand diggers and trowels is that the Motley Grass Knife is one of the lightest diggers on the market, weighing 11-11.1oz  / 312-315 grams depending on the color.

Founder and CEO of Motley Digging Tools, Bert Van Heerde explains, “Our goal was to make one of the lightest Grass Knives in the hobby. In our research, we discovered most metal detecting hand diggers are up to almost a pound. We knew with the right engineering and manufacturing we can make one lighter.” Further saying “As a company, we want to be recognized for constantly seeking innovation in the metal detecting digging tool market. Our management, including myself, consulted and surveyed numerous metal detectorists taking in their likes and dislikes about hand diggers on the market to find ways we can innovate, make them lighter and stronger hand diggers. I think you will be happy with our Grass Knife”   

Made for both right and left-handed detectorists, the digger is constructed with an easy-grip handle and a blade that has sharp teeth on both sides designed to make clean plugs. Cutting through grass, roots, and the ground. The Grass Knife is engineered and manufactured using durable, quality tempered steel that is heat-treated, and the blade is both cold-pressed and heat-treated.

The Motley Grass Knife Is Available in 12 Colors

Motley Metal Detecting Shovel
Colors Left to Right:
Desert Storm (Ivory), Eagle A.F.A (Gold), Spetsnaz (Military Dark Green), Brown Sniper, T.H.O.M (Brown), Silver Bullet, Black Obisidian, Admiral (Blue), Red Raven, Pink Venom,  Chameleon, Yellow Hornet

Minelab Detexpert, Truls Warhuus from Norway, with the Instagram Handle Digging_Norwegian_History states  ”The Motley Hand Grass Knife feels well built, nice and light. I like the easy-grip handle that is made for both left and right-handed detectorists. It is cool looking with the hexagon design and various color powder coating“

Detailed Motley Digging Tools Grass Knife Specs

  • Suitable for left and right-handed detectorists
  • Overall weight 11-11.1oz /  312-315 grams depending on the color. It is one of the lightest metal detecting hand diggers on the market
  • Total length 12.4 inches / 31.5cm 
  • Handle length 5.4 inch / 13.8 cm and 1.1 inches / 2.8cm wide
  • Blade width 2.4 inches / 6cm and diameter 2.5 mm, 
  • Blade teeth are CNC high precision sharpened
  • Tempered steel, heat-treated for durability
  • Cold-pressed for blade reinforcement making the blade stronger and bend resistant with normal use.
  • Easy-grip handle
  • 3D hexagon Motley branded laser cut design
  • Two-year warranty

Currently, the Motley Grass Knife ships worldwide with the exception of the UK and Norway. Visit Motley Digging Tools website at to purchase the Grass Knife or request more information. Motely’s customer support is superb and they will be happy to answer your questions and concerns. 

Personal Photos of My Motley Grass Knife ( Eagle A.F.A -Gold )

Grass Knife Motley Digging Tools

Motley Grass Knife Product Video

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