Motley Digging Tools Metal Detecting Shovel Review

Motley Digging Tools, the Dutch company that makes innovative, colorful metal detecting beach scoops and hand diggers, has released a new shovel. Designed by a team of detectorists and engineers, the new shovel is portable and durable, with the right weight to break into tough grounds to retrieve finds. 

Showcasing my Motley Digging Tools Shovel. Color and Model = Chameleon Forest Fox
Showcasing my Motley Digging Tools Shovel.
Color and Model = Chameleon Forest Fox

The Motley Digging Tool Shovel weighs 68.07 ounces / 1930 grams. It is made with a quick-release easy clamp. The shovel can adjust to any size from 39,37 inches / 100 centimeters at the longest and to 26 inches / 66 centimeters when it is compacted for travel. The compact size makes it fit in a suitcase, backpack, or small trunk of a car, bike, boat, canoe, or kayak. Please note a second clamp comes with it, called the safety clamp. This clamp is for when it is packed, at its smallest for travel, or as a second clamp to secure the right size of handle for your digging needs, along with the quick-release clamp.

Motley Shovel Quick-Release Easy Clamp
Quick-Release Easy Clamp
Motley Digging Tools Shovel Safety Clamp
Safety Clamp

Ergonomics of Motley Digging Tool Shovel

The engineers designed it ergonomically with a D-shape handle grip and blade in a forward-angled position purposely for the metal detectorist to use less energy digging. The shovel blade is also purposely bent and is CNC machine sharpened to help dig more easily.

Like all Motley Digging Tools, their shovel also incorporates the hexagon laser cut shape. It is placed on the handle and footplate. It is to lighten the shovel, but not too much to keep it at a weight that makes it cut through the ground more easily. Some might see the shovel as heavy, but others will understand to make a deep hole to effortlessly retrieve a find, a shovel needs some weight.

Shovel Foot Rest Metal Detecting
Comfortable Foot Rest
Motley Digging Tools Shovel Handle
Curved D Shape Handle
Curved Blade

Material, Colors Available, and Models

Made with heat-treated steel, quality weldings, sandblasted, and then powder coated, the current colors available are:

  • Black
  • Chameleon
  • Desert Storm
  • Green
  • Grey

The models available are:

  • Field Fox – No Teeth on Blade
  • Parc Fox – Sharp Pointed Blade with No Teeth to Make Clean Plugs.
  • Forest Fox – Teeth on Both Sides of Blade

Metal Detectorists and 4×4 Enthusiasts Love the Motley Digging Tools Shovel

Designed for detectorists who enjoy metal detecting forests, fields, vineyards, and pastures. 4×4 enthusiasts have also taken an interest in having the shovel for how sleek it looks strapped on their 4×4 vehicles and to use in emergencies when they get stuck.

Detectorist and Motley Pro-Staffer Sean Haymes-Maree states, “Where do you, Motley! Whether it’s land or sea, Motley is portable and ready for anything you throw at it. Motley shovel easily breaks down for travel, and the shovel and grass knife cuts through the toughest roots with ease. Also, the Motley Beach scoop is portable via the Insta lock functionality. You can easily take the scoop off the shaft and pack it in your suitcase for travel, and is perfectly matched with the Anderson travel Carbon shaft. Motley where Art meets Innovation.”  

Travel Shovel Metal Detecting
When it is compacted for travel the Motley Digging Tools Shovel is 26inches in length.

How to Purchase a Motley Digging Tools Shovel

Metal Detecting Shovel for Forests
See the curve or the D Shape handle.

A majority of metal detecting dealers carry them in the United States. Some of them are :

  • Serious Detecting 
  • Big Boys Hobbies
  • Digging It Detectors
  • Phil Meyers Detectors
  • Treasure Coast Metal Detectors
  • Outlaw Metal Detectors
  • Modern Metal Detectors
  • Metal Detecting Stuff

And many more dealers are following. 

In Canada, they can be purchased from:

  • Forest City Metal Detectors 
  • Ok John Metal Detectors
  • Carry All Canada

I know Motley Digging Tools is looking for exclusive distributors/ wholesalers in countries like Australia, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, etc. If you are a Metal Detecting distributor or dealer and interested, then please reach out to contact Motley Digging Tools for inquiries at

All of Motley Digging Tools are protected by EU Laws. For more information, please visit 

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