Minelab X-Terra Pro Review – Interview Amanda More_Than_Ore

Detectorist Amanda, known as More_Than_Ore on Instagram, uses a Minelab X-Terra Pro. She already has and uses an XP Deus II, Minelab Equinox, and Nokta Gold Kruzer.  Previously, she swung an AT Pro and Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. We discussed why she bought the Minelab X-Terra Pro since she owns an XP Deus II and Minelab Equinox, what she has found with it so far, where she enjoys using it, and why.

Minelab X-Terra Pro Metal Detector

The Minelab X-Terra Pro has an affordable price point, retailing between $265.00 to $330.00 USD. With coupons and other deals, I have seen some get it as low as $194.99 USD. The price doesn’t reflect in quality because the Minelab X-Terra Pro for a single frequency detector is packed with features and is a good beginner-level metal detector and is also used by advanced metal detectorists.

See my questions and Amanda’s answers below:

Minelab X-Terra Pro Review

Since you already own and love the XP Deus II, Minelab Equinox 800, and the Nokta Gold Kruzer, and all of the new metal detectors on the market that are affordable, why did you decide to get a Minelab X-Terra Pro?
It was an impulse purchase. I really wanted one because I was so impressed with the videos I’d watched of its performance on the beaches as a single-frequency metal detector. I had single-frequency metal detectors before that did not have a chance in salt water. To see one at a price point that actually works in salt water is outrageously cool and questions multi-frequency technology. I wanted to see and play with the technology of an advanced single-frequency metal detector, and hey, I got a new toy. Haha.

Minelab X-Terra Pro Control Box

So far, what are a few of your favorite finds that you have found with the Minelab X-Terra Pro?
I love the immediate familiarity like the Equinox. The controls and sounds are very similar. The folding feature on this machine undoubtedly beats the Nox, it is so amazingly compact! I love that I can use the same coils I already have from my Equinox, too.

Which headphones do you use with the Minelab X-Terra Pro, and why?
So I bought a Bluetooth transmitter and use some cheap headphones that have little lag that I had lying around the house.

Do you find the Minelab X-Terra Pro VDI stable or unstable?
This is where I think its price point comes into play. The X-Terra Pro is definitely jumpy, but if you swing at a consistent parallel angle on the target, you’ll get more or less the idea of what you’re digging (Zincoln, bottle cap, etc.). I’d say the jumpiness is pretty mild and certainly not worth not purchasing the detector. It’s honestly more important to listen to sound. In my opinion, you can hear shapes and sizes more than VDI, anyway, so I don’t care about the jumpy numbers.

Minelab XTerraPro V12X Coil

Do you enjoy using the Minelab X-Terra Pro stock coil or prefer using the Equinox coils on your X-Terra Pro?
I like using both. I love elliptical coils, and this stock one is a great size for about everything. I switch out mostly for the sniper coil 6” for parks if I’m in a really trashy area.

On the stock coil, the elliptical one, where is the pinpointer? I am curious because I noticed on the elliptical coils for the Nokta Legend the pinpointer is under the shaft. Not like the Minelab Equinox 800 which is under the Logo.
Hmm, to be honest, I think it’s the center where the middle meets, but I do miss dig mildly more with elliptical coils on this stock, and with the 13in on Equinox, it’s harder to pinpoint precisely, in my opinion, but not a big deal

Does the Minelab X-Terra Pro stock coil work on the Minelab Equinox?
No, it does not.

When using the Minelab X-Terra Pro for park metal detecting, are you using the stock settings or doing any customizations?
I’m always in All Metal Mode no matter where I am, so I don’t change anything but tones if I can, I prefer all tones.

Minelab X-Terra Pro Control Box
Diagram from Minelab Website Explaining X-Terra Pro Button Placement
Minelab X-Terra Pro Find, LAPD Pin
LAPD Family Support Group Pin found in Southern Orange County Park with the Minelab X-Terra Pro. The park is metal detected often and could be considered a “pounded park.” The X-Terra Pro found this pin.

Do you miss the Iron Bias Control, which you have on the Minelab Equinox but not on the Minelab X-Terra Pro?
Honestly, I never touched the Iron Bias on the Equinox, I’ve used the X-Terra Pro in heavy iron that did way better than most programs on my Deus II, and it was stunning. 

Have you had a chance to submerge the Minelab X-Terra Pro or use it on Southern California beaches, in the wet sand, or in the surf? If so, what did you think, how was it in black sand?
I have used it in the surf and sand! It was ridiculously stable for a single-frequency metal detector. I was stunned. I haven’t used it in heavy black sand yet, but I was so impressed with how the X-Terra Pro performed in the salt water it found me a gorgeous silver Claddagh ring with emeralds.

Is there anything else that you feel would be essential or necessary for our readers to know about the Minelab X-Terra Pro Metal Detector?
Don’t think of the X-Terra Pro as a budget detector. It’s packed with features that you need to hit almost any area. Yes, the VDI is not perfect, but I’m sure they’ll update it. And it’s not horrendous. It is truly unbeatable for the price. I love using it, and its compatibility is a huge plus.

I would like to thank Amanda, More_Than_Ore, for her review of the Minelab X-Terra Pro Metal Detector.

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