Interview with Metal Detectorist Ryan Fazekas and Co-Owner of Anderson Detector Shafts

Ryan Fazekas Metal Detecting Tips

Anderson Detector Shafts is a recognized name by most seasoned metal detectorists. They are a leading aftermarket parts company in the hobby. I am honored to interview Ryan Fazekas a Co-Owner of Anderson Detector Shafts to learn more about the company, products, and Ryan’s metal detecting skills.

About Anderson Detector Shafts

How long has the company been in business and why did you decide to get into the metal detecting shaft business?
Like they say, “time flies when you’re having fun” It feels like it has only been a short time, but in reality, it has been over 15 years. Pete and I started making detecting equipment for ourselves out of need. Both of us metal detecting for many hours at a time, we saw where improvements could be made to the equipment. This made our time detecting more comfortable and productive. Later we started offering it for sale and things took off from there!

How did you meet Pete Anderson, the other Co-Owner of Anderson Detector Shafts?
It was truly fate that brought the two of us together. At the time I was doing some work at a lakefront property, and I had seen Pete out detecting in the water. The area I live in isn’t a common area where you see a lot of detectorists, let alone water hunters, so I took the opportunity to introduce myself. I found out we lived in the same area, and we exchanged details and became hunting partners.

Anderson Detector Shafts

Besides metal detector shafts, what other products do you want our readers to know Anderson’s sells?
Our main business has been aftermarket shafts for many years but we also make carbon fiber lower rods and Scoop Handles. Other accessories include Mounts, Guards, and softgoods such as Detector Bags. We are always working on new products and designs.

Does Anderson Detector Shafts have counterfeit issues? If so, what is the best way for someone to know they are buying a legitimate Anderson Detector Shafts product?
I wouldn’t say we deal with counterfeit issues like so many of the detector manufactures have been plagued with, but there is sometimes confusion. We sometimes see the term “Anderson Shaft” used when talking about an aftermarket shaft. It’s a bit of an eponym, and we are honored. We have had customers contact us in regards to parts or issues with a product, and we find out it’s not our product. To make sure you are getting the real deal, buy from any of our dealers or direct from our website.

Are there any countries you can not ship to or don’t ship to?
Over the years, we have shipped to almost all the continents and numerous countries. I can’t recall of any places we couldn’t ship to.

Are you looking for more distributors, and if so, what geographical locations?
We do look for metal detecting dealers as shipping can be expensive to some countries. We have a great list of stocking dealers in the US, but are still looking for more dealers in Europe and the UK. Australia would be another one as we get weekly inquiries from there.

Metal Detecting Skills

How long have you been metal detecting and what got you started?
Well if you go by when I bought my first detector, it’s been around thirty years. I still remember saving up and asking my Dad to pick it up for me from Radio Shack after seeing it in a flyer. I started at a young age after I saw my childhood friend’s Uncle with a metal detector. Rick was one of the early detectorists in the area, and he was also a diver. Seeing the cool things he found got me hooked!

A Small Sample of Ryan Fazekas Metal Detecting Finds

What machines have you used and are currently using the most?
Because of the business we are in, we own or have tried just about every detector that has been available in the last 20 years. I have an assortment of machines I use for different conditions. For land, I use Garret machines. I have a bunch of different coils for them and they work well in some of the tough areas I detect. I spend most of my detecting time underwater and for that, I have been using the Minelab Excalibur and Equinox.

Underwater Metal Detector Minelab Equinox

Metal Detecting Tips

It is clear you are an advanced detectorist. Can you share with our readers three advanced metal detecting tips, three of your metal detecting mentors who you learn from to get better techniques, and three of your favorite finds?

Tip 1– A classic quote from Vince Lombardi “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary”. That being said, metal detecting is no different. The more time you spend learning your machine and doing research on areas to detect, the more amazing items you will uncover. It’s not a hobby that can be rushed.

Tip 2– Don’t worry about having the best or latest detector. Use what you have and learn it well. I’m not saying there is nothing wrong with upgrading once in a while but don’t flip between machines on a regular basis. I remember when I first started hunting fields, and I met a couple of well seasoned detectorists. They were showing me their fancy machines that they had imported from England and told me I wouldn’t find much with my cheap detector. I then showed them what I found that day, and they were both blown away. I asked what they had found, thinking surely they must have some amazing items, but they had nothing to speak of.

Tip 3– Try something different! Like most detectorist I have my favorite spots where I like to dive detect. I know the areas like the back of my hand and can notice the slightest change in sand movement and know when these areas are going to produce. When I hit a bit of a dry spell in my go to spots I will change it up. I will go to a spot or area that I have never thought about going to. Or maybe a spot I have thought to go to but never tried. These areas have produced some of my best finds, and a couple of the new spots are now on my regular route.

Metal Detecting Mentors

Mentor 1 – Rick Doan – His passion for metal detecting and History got me into this hobby and business.

Mentor 2 – Pete Anderson – Over the years, Pete and I have learned a lot from each other. Both of us are willing to try something different and put in the hours detecting to find the good stuff!

Mentor 3 – Steve Zazulyk  – Steve and I have done a lot of diving together, and we have traded tips and tricks over the years. Steve has traveled the world and has made me become a pro at art of destination diving. His carefree personality and way with people have gotten us to some of the most amazing detecting spots!

Favorite Metal Detecting Finds

Finds 1 – 1812 US Shako Plate
Finds 2 – 1908 $5 US Gold Coin
Finds 3 – 2 School Ring Day.

I want to thank Ryan Fazekas the Co-Owner of Anderson Shafts for his in-depth answers.

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