Metal Detecting Small Business Spotlight: BookersGoods on Etsy

Metal Detecting Leather Sheath

The hobby of metal detecting has a few necessary tools most detectorists carry along with them on their hunts. Everything from a grass knife and pinpointer to a finds bag, they all serve a purpose for making our time out in the field, parks, and beaches more productive.  Finding the right tools to make our metal detecting adventures go more smoothly is invaluable. 

One of the benefits of the metal detecting community is the expansive amount of resourceful, creative, and productive individuals who are part of it. Many of them have discovered areas of our hobby that could use improvement and have taken the steps to create things that benefit the everyday detectorist and in turn, helps provide for them and their family. Nothing beats supporting the small business owner. 

Personally, I purchase anything I can from small businesses. My husband owns a small landscape and lawncare business that he and our two sons run. I know firsthand how a community helps my family, and it’s the same in any industry. Simply put, small business owners do not get a guaranteed paycheck and they rely on customers for their livelihood.  Helping others live the American Dream is a great feeling. 

That being said, it only makes sense to bring attention to some of the quality small businesses in the metal detecting community. One of my favorite items that I use every single time I metal detect is my leather, handmade sheath which slides onto my finds belt and holds my pinpointer and grass knife. I like to be relatively organized and it makes my hunts go so much more smoothly. A place for everything and everything in its place, as my grandma always said. 

Booker Goods Metal Detecting Sheaths

Now, when I was searching for a sheath a few years ago  I did some searching. I found quite a few that were made overseas and the reviews did not express many positive opinions. I’m not sure about you, but I do not like to purchase things multiple times. Of course, there are items in our daily life that we must constantly restock on, but purchasing my metal detecting tools and accessories are not one of those times. I want quality, convenience, and usefulness. 

That’s when I came across BookersGoods on Etsy. He had exactly what I wanted and the sheath was customizable to fit my needs. I wanted it on my left side and it had to hold my Garrett grass knife. A quick simple direct message on Etsy to Booker and whammo bammo, my sheath, the way I wanted it, was on its way. That’s the kind of customer support the small business owners can offer that the big box stores lack, the personal interaction directly from the source of the product. I have used the sheath from BookersGoods almost daily. It holds up with some light cleaning after each use and a little linseed oil conditioning occasionally. 

I have gotten to know Booker over the past year and I’m glad I did. He is a wonderful Arkansas gentleman. Not only is he a leather craftsman, but he is also a retired Police Chief of over thirty years. He was also a Farrier and Horseman who raised, trained, and showed Tennessee Walking Horses.  Booker and his wife, Christine, have been married for twenty-five years and we can thank her for getting him into metal detecting. Now that he’s retired from all of it he focuses his time with his wife metal detecting and working on various leather crafts. 

I recently reached out to Booker with some questions about his small business and he was busy working on new items for his Etsy shop. However, he took the time out of his busy day to answer. 

What made you decide to start making metal detecting accessories?
I started making MD accessories because of the need for better more durable sheaths and Bags. Nylon just wasn’t hacking it in the field in our hobby we need something better than the stuff they made ladies stocking out of…lol.

How long have you been a leather craftsman?
Making leather goods started back about 30 years ago when I needed better horse tack, some very specialized and hard to find and it just spread to different interests.

Where do you get your leather from?
I purchase my leather from many different companies, depending at the time who has it in stock, but Tandy, Frogjelly in Texas, and Springfield Leather Co. in Missouri. 

Leather Sheath Metal Detecting

What does the symbol stamped on your products represent?
My Makers Stamp represents,

  • The Star- 32 years of Law Enforcement.
  • The Horse Shoe- Being a Farrier.
  • The Gaited Horse- My Horsemanship.
  • All are surrounded by the Leather Crafters Hide.

How can people who purchase the sheaths care for the leather the best way?
The best way to care for your leather is to keep it clean and wipe it down with Linseed oil.

Do you offer custom orders?
I do take custom orders a lot because there are many different sizes and brands of tools out there, but it may take me a few more days to make the adjustment to them.

Do you make other items that are not metal detecting related?
I do make many different items from leather; Hunting knife sheaths, Gun Holsters, Rockhounds Rock Pick/Hammer Holders,  and Belts. 

What is one piece of advice you can offer fellow detectorists?
I don’t have any great advice for metal detectorists except…If you are not sure, the best discriminator there is, is, DIG IT.

You can find BookersGoods on Etsy and directly message him there with questions about customizing orders. Booker ships quickly and responds to messages just as fast. He makes items daily and you never know what he may have ready, so feel free to contact him. If you are looking for a holiday gift for the metal detecting hobbyist in your life or if you want to add a great item to your metal detecting arsenal, Booker’s is a great choice.  I encourage the metal detecting community to support small businesses for the holidays and personal gift-giving moments. Not only will you be giving a great gift, but you will help a fellow member of the metal detecting family. Happy hunting! BookersGoods on Etsy:

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