Metal Detecting Equipment Recommendations

These are my personal recommendations of what I would buy if I were going to start the hobby of metal detecting. Currently I own 11 metal detectors and various metal detecting digging tools and accessories, I have gotten to try a lot and talk to many detectorists about what they like as well. These are my top picks. Please note if you click and purchase anything from Amazon, I will get a very small percentage of the sale. This helps keep this site going as well as helps pay for my time when I take people out to detect for the first time and answer their questions as they are learning.

Recommended Metal Detector

Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector Pro Package 

An amazing metal detector for the price. Many expert detectorists use it.

Great for beaches, parks, relic hunting, finding meteorites, and decent for gold detecting.

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If the Noka Legend Metal Detector Is Out of Your Price Range,
Look at these Quality and “Price Friendly Models”

Nokta Simplex

Minelab Vanquish

Metal Detecting Accessories

Recommended Waist Pouch

Calces365 Metal Detecting Waist Pouch

Great Price & Durable

1 Pouch with Multiple Pockets, 1 Pouch with Mesh Bottom for Discarded Items, 52 Inch Long Belt

Recommended Metal Detecting Pinpointers

Nokta Pulse Dive Pinpointer

I love this pinpointer, and it also converts to a small snorkeling or scuba diving handheld metal detector.

Garrett Pinpointer
Nicknamed the Carrot

I don’t have one. However, if you don’t want the Nokta Pulse Dive, I would buy this model

If You Need an Affordable “Low Cost” Pinpointer

There are also these low-cost pinpointer models. They will not work as well. However, be a great start. I started with a lower and then upgraded to the Nokta Pulse Dive as I got better.

Metal Detecting Digging Tools

Recommended Hand Diggers

Recommended Small Shovels

Great shovels, nice size, lightweight to carry all day, and metal detect in the woods, parks, or desert.

Mini Shovel Predator Tools
Model 58 (S), Little Eagle, Shovel

Lesche Mini Sampson 18″
T-Handle Shovel 

Recommended Pick

13 oz Geological Hammer with Milled Face & Shock Reduction Grip – E3-13PM

Estwing #22 Rock Pick Sheath Black, Fits E30, E30SE, E13P & E13PM

Recommended Sand Scoop

CKG Sand Scoop with Carbon Fiber Handle

If you are metal detecting in Southern California or anywhere there is course sand, I suggest getting at large holes in a sand scoop, such as this scoop. For fine sand beaches, you can use a scoop with smaller holes.

Recommended Clothing for Metal Detecting

Women’s Metal Detecting Shirt. UPF 50+ Sun Protection

This is my goto shirt for metal detecting. It keeps my arms and neck protected from getting too much sun. They also clean up nicely and not staining easily.

Men’s or Women’s Outdoor Rain Sun Waterproof Quick-Drying Long Brim Collapsible Portable Hat

I like these hats because they keep you cool, and can be washed easily or get wet from rain and not lose their shape or color. Bonus they fit on small heads being easily adjustable.

Unisex Neoprene Diving Socks, 3mm Scuba Socks

I use these for beach metal detecting and love them. They are inexpensive and I generally buy a couple of pairs at a time. They do wear out with time but are well worth using to save your feet.