Enhancing Metal Detecting Adventures: A Review of the GO TERRAIN App from XP Metal Detectors

In the past, I used to use the Google Maps app, on my phone, to track the locations of my finds, while metal detecting.  I would mark the location by dropping a pin, and then select “Add Label” to save a custom name.  In this example, I found an 1855 Large cent and named the label as such.

This method is a little cumbersome, but it sufficed until I found something better.  While the Google Maps method, does show the location of your finds, it does not show your travel path while detecting.  So, long story short, I eventually found “something better.”

I want to introduce to you, the new GO TERRAIN app from XP Metal Detectors.  It is available for iOS and Android users, and has many helpful features. Crafted by metal detectorists for metal detectorists, this tool elevates the recording of finds and the tracking of paths and locations detected, to the precise level essential for dedicated hunters. I’ve already used it a few times, and I’m pretty impressed with it so far.   Basically, if you swing an XP ORX, DĒUS, or DĒUS II, this app will track your detecting path, and will drop a pin for each discovered target, in AUTO mode.  

The target ID (T.ID) of the target will also be recorded.  If you don’t want to track each target, the user can select PUSH mode.  I prefer this option, especially when detecting trashy areas, because in AUTO, your map will fill up with targets, rather quickly.  However, with PUSH selected, you can manually select which targets get tracked, with the push of a button, on the DĒUS II remote.  

In either mode, you can attach a photo, short video, or audio recording of the find, as well as other technical details.  This is very handy for record keeping, and makes it easier to trend details, as you uncover the history of your permission.

Even if you do not swing an XP detector, owners of any machine can benefit from this GPS tracking app.  Users simply enter everything manually and the program will still track your detecting path.  Just make sure you start your activity and then remember to stop it at the end of your detecting session.  During my last detecting adventure, I forgot to stop the activity, and the app tracked my movements all the way home.  Rookie mistake.

There are many powerful features and I will discuss a few of them, as I am still learning myself.  One of my favorite features is super handy.  Included in the app are the user manuals for the ORX, DĒUS, DĒUS II, as well as the GO TERRAIN app itself.  I find this very convenient for when you have questions, while out in the field.  These are great manuals and I suggest you read through those that are applicable.

The premium subscription level allows you to save your data to the cloud.  This is useful for when you upgrade to another phone.  All of your finds data can be downloaded from the cloud, to your new phone.  XP really has thought of everything!

I’ve yet to try this with detectorist friends, but the feature I’m most excited about is GROUP MODE.  In this mode, once you have invited up to 5 friends (6 including you) to your activity, you can all see everyone’s detecting paths and finds, synchronized in real-time.  The participants can leave the group at any time, but it is the host’s responsibility to start and stop the activity.  This is a PREMIUM level feature, and all invited participants must be PREMIUM subscribers.

The other feature that I’m excited to use more often is DETECTION ZONE.  I’ve only briefly tested this feature, but it seemed to also work well.  Suppose you want to concentrate on a particular area of your permission.  Maybe you have previously found the best targets here, or your research has led you to believe that a homestead or other structure existed in a particular area of your permission.  Under the settings tab, you can tap on DRAW DETECTION ZONE, to draw a boundary around a desirable area.  

If enabled, your phone will vibrate each time you exit this boundary.  This is helpful for keeping you in your area of concentration, without having to frequently view the map.

This was just a brief overview of the GO TERRAIN app.  There are many settings to adjust to your preferences, such as, path line color and width, various target icons and sizes, and the number of sweeps over a target, before the app will save it in AUTO mode.  I really have enjoyed using it, and I believe it will become a permanent addition to my arsenal of detecting tools and accessories.  For more information, click on the hyperlinks, to watch XP’s official video, and consider joining the GO TERRAIN Facebook group. Download GO TERRAIN directly from the App Store or Google Play.

I love the GO TERRAIN app, but don’t take my word for it. Download it now, and try it yourself.  I do recommend getting the PREMIUM subscription.  For only $8.99/yr you get all the standard features, as well as cloud back-up, and group mode.  Better yet, XP Metal Detectors has given me PREMIUM TRIAL SUBSCRIPTIONS, to pass on to 50 of my followers. Enter below and make sure you are following me on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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