Fortuna XELA Review. OKM’s Pinpointer

Released from OKM, the Fortuna XELA metal detecting pinpointer caters to the needs of diverse sectors, including archaeology, professional treasure hunting, mining operations, military and law enforcement forensics, and serious detectorists.

OKM Background

For those who may not be familiar, OKM is a German-based company that has been in operation for over 25 years. They are known for their advanced sub-surface detecting devices which boast capabilities far exceeding those of typical hobbyist metal detectors. Among their well-recognized products are the eXp 6000, the Bionic X4 (upgraded model Delta Ranger), and the Fusion Light. Additionally, some may recognize OKM’s products from their appearances on television shows such as “The Curse of Oak Island” and “Expedition Unknown.”

Basics About the New OKM Pinpointer

The Fortuna XELA pinpointer indication modes include audio, vibration, and audio/vibration combination. It is also equipped with LED lighting that can be easily toggled on or off, ensuring optimal visibility even in low-light conditions. It is light at 206.5 grams (7.3 ounces) and has a length of 10.4 inches (26.5 centimeters).

Testing Fortuna XELA light in a room without windows and no lights.

The Pinpointer Fortuna XELA Battery Life

Powered by a single 9V battery, the Fortuna XELA on a single battery can operate up top to 30 hours, ensuring uninterrupted use during extended exploration sessions. Additionally, the pinpointer features a low battery alarm to alert users when power is running low, preventing unexpected downtime. With an auto-off function activated after 5 minutes of inactivity, the device conserves energy efficiently. 

Fortuna XELA Operating Frequency

The Fortuna XELA pinpointer operates at a frequency of 12 kHz. 

Airtest Sensitivity Fortuna XELA Compared to Other Pinpointers

When testing the sensitivity of the Fortuna XELA, it was found to be comparable to the Garrett Carrot but not as good as the Nokta AccuPOINT. It outperformed the Nokta PulseDive, the Nokta Pointer (grey and orange, part number 10000110), and a Bounty Hunter pinpointer.

Size Comparison to Other Metal Detecting Pinpointers

My metal detecting friends have nicknamed the Fortuna XELA “The Big Tuna.” The nickname is fitting due to its distinctive color and name, as well as its impressive success in uncovering valuable finds at old homesteads.

Below are photos of a friend using “The Big Tuna” while relic detecting.

Waterproof and Harsh Conditions

With a waterproof rating of up to 16.4 feet (5 meters), the Fortuna XELA pinpointer is ideal for metal detecting enthusiasts exploring a variety of environments. Whether you’re relic hunting, park hunting, scouring beaches, detecting in the surf, traversing rivers, or engaging in shallow snorkeling and scuba diving adventures, this pinpointer offers reliable performance.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the pinpointer tested can operate from the temperature range of –10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F), making it suitable for use in diverse climates and terrains. It can be used in mild winters and suitable for hot summers in most places in the United States with the exception of Death Valley on record-breaking days hotter than 122°F, which doesn’t happen often, and trust me, who would want to be out metal detecting in such heat. 

See Silicon Seal, where the battery is kept for for waterproofing.
The end cap tightened, displaying the silicon seal for waterproofing.

The Durability of the Tip and Replacement

The Fortuna XELA pinpointer stands out in the metal detecting community for its durable design, particularly its tip. Experienced metal detectorists know that the tips of pinpointers can wear out quickly. While third-party rubber covers are a common solution, the Fortuna XELA goes a step further by featuring a thick, easily replaceable tip that costs only $10 USD. This design not only extends the lifespan of the device but also offers an affordable way to maintain optimal functionality, available either directly from the manufacturer or through certified dealers. This feature significantly extends the lifespan of the pinpointer, setting it apart from others on the market. To my knowledge, the only pinpointers on the market that offer this feature are the Nokta AccuPOINT and the OKM Fortuna XELA. However, the distinction is the Nokia AccuPOINT has a shorter cover than the Fortuna XELA does.

Length of the Fortuna XELA tip
Comparing it to the Nokta AccuPOINT thickness
Comparing it to the Nokta AccuPOINT length

A Better Designed Pinpointer Lanyard 

The Fortuna XELA pinpointer comes equipped with a durable and resilient lanyard, setting it apart from standard pinpointer accessories. Reminiscent of the strength and reliability of a surfboard or wakeboard leash, this lanyard offers unparalleled durability and peace of mind during use. Its robust construction ensures enhanced longevity, addressing common concerns about the fragility of traditional lanyards and a lanyard getting tangled. For users like myself, who have experienced the frustration of multiple broken and tangled lanyards in the past, this inclusion is a welcomed necessity, elevating the overall user experience and reinforcing the pinpointer’s reputation for quality and durability. I have yet to see another pinpointer being sold with such a lanyard. 

The Holster 

When I purchase a manufacturer’s pinpointer and utilize the included holster, it typically doesn’t last long; getting a year’s use out of it is often the best-case scenario. The loops frequently break due to the repeated stress of inserting and removing the pinpointer, along with accidental tugs on the holster. However, the Fortuna XELA pinpointer holster is designed to be more durable compared to other brands. It features both Velcro and a snap closure that attaches to a belt, which likely contributes to extending the life of the holster. This combination of Velcro and snap is a notable improvement to see on a pinpointers manufacturer holster, given that clips or loops often break on standard holsters. I plan to test its durability over time. For enhanced durability, I generally prefer using a third-party leather holster attached to my metal-detecting belt. My third-party leather holster come from BookersGoods

Fortuna XELA Warranty and Manufacturing

With a 2-year warranty, the Fortuna XELA is manufactured in Germany with strict standards.

Price and Where to Buy

The Fortuna XELA Pinpointer is competitively priced at $139.90 USD and readily available for purchase through a network of over 14+ official dealers across the United States, one in Canada, and more than 70+ official dealers worldwide. Additionally, customers have the option to conveniently purchase the device directly from OKM Detectors’ official website.

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