CKG Sand Scoop for Beach Metal Detecting

CKG Sand Scoop Review

If you are in the United States and want to beach detect but need an affordable sand scoop, definitely consider CKG. Their scoops are affordable and easy to obtain via their corporate website or from Amazon, and if in stock, quick shipping. I should also mention that CKG offers free shipping if ordered directly from their website, If you are an Amazon Prime member, you also have the benefit of free shipping because most of their scoops are Prime products. 

CKG scoops come in various sizes and also have different sizes of hexagon holes, making it easy for sand, water, and debris to clear out, leaving your find at the bottom of the scoop. When deciding on a scoop, the hexagon hole sizes to consider depends on the type of wet and dry sand you will be detecting. Very fine, dry, clean sand will work better with the smaller hexagon holes. For courser sand that is wet, consider a scoop with larger hexagon holes.

Review CKG Sand Scoop Metal Detecting Review
CKG Carbon Fiber Handle

Carbon Fiber Handle

Depending on which model, some come with a carbon fiber handle. I would recommend the carbon fiber handle, it is nice and lightweight. It has a noticeable difference in weight, making it easier to carry or drag while detecting. It also collapses nicely to make it easier for travel and storage.

Which CKG Sand Scoop Is Good for Southern California Beaches?

With Southern California sand, I would recommend model HEX10 (Amazon ASIN B07ZS48Q8X). The hexagon holes are the ideal size to flush out sand and debris for SoCal sand, and the scoop is the right size to get to the object quickly. This is important, especially if you will be detecting in the surf. You have limited time to scoop the target between waves.

I own both model HEX10 (Amazon ASIN B07ZS48Q8X) and model SAND SCOOP 11″ X 8″ (Amazon ASIN B08L1GWZTJ)

An easy way to know which model you have or which one you are looking at is the HEX10 has 6 hexagons on the backside final row, and SAND SCOOP 11″ X 8” has 9 hexagons on the backside final row.

See the photo below. Notice how the HEX10 (Amazon ASIN B07ZS48Q8X) has 6 Hexagaons top row and SAND SCOOP 11″ X 8″ (Amazon ASIN B08L1GWZTJ) has 9 hexagaons top row.

With the Hex10 model with the bigger hexagon holes, on Southern California beaches, I can get to my finds faster, finding targets quickly between waves. Overall, I can detect longer due to how light the carbon fiber shaft and stainless steel sand scoop are, making me less tired, and I can detect longer, increasing my chance of getting more finds. I contribute this to having the right hexagon holes for the local sand and the sand scoop and handle lightness.

Below, see another photo of both scoop’s sizes and hexagon sizes. It is easy to see the difference.

Best CKG Scoop for Metal Detecting Beaches
Left SAND SCOOP 11″ X 8″ (Amazon ASIN B08L1GWZTJ) – Right HEX10 (Amazon ASIN B07ZS48Q8X)

Longevity of Metal Detecting Beach Sand Scoops

For longevity, to avoid the scoop from rusting, especially if you are using it in salt ocean water, always rinse the sand scoop with clean, fresh water. Also, from time to time, check to make sure all the screws are tightened that hold the handle on. 

Please remember, metal detecting beach sand scoops take a lot of abuse. There is not one scoop on the market that is perfect and can withstand day-in and day-out abuse. They will all wear out over time. Especially if used in or near salt water or heavy grained wet sand and not rinsed off properly. To keep the lifecycle of the scoop longer, as I mentioned above, rinse it as well and don’t use it as a prying tool, but use it as intended to scoop and dump sand. 

I have had my CKG SAND SCOOP 11″ X 8″ for over one year, regularly beach detecting and it has been fine. I have used it exclusively for ocean beaches and surf metal detecting, dry fine sand to very coarse heavy rocky sand.

I have had the Hex 10 for two months and have not had any issues with it and I admit, as you read above, I prefer it because of the hexagon holes working better for metal detecting SoCal Beaches. 

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