Anderson Detector Shafts Carbon Fibers Handles for Motley Sand Scoops

Even though many American and Canadian metal detectorists wanted the colorful, sleek Motley Sand Scoop, it wasn’t affordable to ship the handles that came with the scoop from Holland. With some brainstorming and the right introductions, Motley Digging Tools teamed up with Anderson Detector Shafts. Anderson now makes a carbon fiber handle specifically for Motley Sand Scoops. The new handles come in a one-piece length, or travel handle with two pieces. The shafts can be ordered directly from Anderson Detector Shafts website.

The long one-piece handle is listed on Anderson Detector Shafts website as the “Neptune Motley Carbon Fiber Scoop Handle 36MM – 0605”. It weighs 1.55 pounds / 704 grams. The end of the handle comes with a 6″ PVC hand grip. The total length is 45 inches / 115 cm. Retailing for $129.99.

Photos – Neptune Motley Carbon Fiber Scoop Handle 36MM -0605

The travel handle that is two pieces is listed on Anderson Detector Shafts website as “Neptune Motley Carbon Fiber Travel Two Piece Scoop Handle 36MM – 0605T” it is easily assembled and disassembled to fit in compacted spaces such as small car trunks, luggage, or storing during the off season. The total weight is 1.79 pounds / 814 grams, and the length is 46 inches / 117 cm. It collapses down to 23.42 inches / 59.5 cm when disassembled. It retails for $149.99. Please note, for the two-piece travel shaft, due to water and mineral corrosion, be sure to take it apart and rinse it with clean water and apply lube after each use.

Photos – Neptune Motley Carbon Fiber Travel Two Piece Scoop Handle 36MM -0605T

Both the one-piece and two-piece travel shafts are a dark gray, almost deep black color. They are foam filled to aid with flotation, which is especially good for water detectorists. The inside of the lower part of the shaft is reinforced where the scoop gets attached; this helps to keep the scoop handle strong and durable for repetitive use, and is less likely to break the handle as it ages when digging in heavy wet sand or mud repetitively. Anderson handles also have a 6” PVC hand grip. Both shafts come with a one-year warranty. 

Bert van Heerde, Founder and CEO of Motley Digging Tools, states, ”I could not be happier with teaming up with Anderson Detector Shafts to help get more Motley Sand Scoops to customers who have been wanting them in the United States and Canada. Anderson Detector Shafts makes quality products, and we are proud our brand is associated with them.”

Besides Anderson Detector Shafts shipping their Carbon Motley Scoops to the United States and Canada, they also ship to all seven continents.  

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