Did You Know Anderson Detector Shafts  Sells More Than Shafts?

Anderson Detector Shafts is well known for their carbon fiber shafts, but did you know they sell other metal detecting and detector accessories? From quality replacement arm cuffs to coil bolt kits and more. A couple of items besides shafts that detectorists should take note of Anderson selling are as follows:

Metal Made Arm Cuffs

  • Ultimate Arm Cuff – 0913 (Fitting most makes and models with ⅞ inch detector shaft)
  • Anderson Equinox Arm Cuff – 0936 (Fitting Minelab Equinox Detectors)
  • Explorer Arm Cuff – 0925 (Fitting Minelab Explorer Detectors)

For those who break their metal detector cuff, consider replacing it with an Anderson Detector Shaft arm cuff. The Anderson cuff is made from high-quality aluminum and is textured with a black powder coat finish. Because it is metal, it is more durable than plastic replacement cuffs. The inside of the cuff comes with a foam pad. The cuff arm strap is 2 inches wide and adjustable. 

Neptune T-Grip 0620 for Sand Scoops

Accessorize your metal detecting beach sand scoop with a Neptune T-Grip. Designed to fit 1-3/8 Inch or 1.375 carbon fiber sand scoop handles, the Neptune T-Grip is CNC machined from billet aluminum with a durable black Sandtex finish. It comes with a comfortable silicon rubber grip that can be ordered in either black, yellow, green, blue, or red. Because it is made from metal, it is more durable than other sand scoop t-grips on the market.

Coil Bolts

  • Coil Bolt Set – 1/4″ x 2″ – Part Number 2004 (fits Excalibur and other metal detectors)
  • Coil Bolt Set – 5/16″ x 2″ – Part Number 2011 (fits Nokta Makro Simplex, Kruzer, and metal detectors)
  • Coil Bolt Set – 3/8″ x 2″ – Part Number 2003 (fits Garrett water machines and other metal detectors)
  • Coil Bolt Set – 3/8″ x 1.5″ – Part Number 2001 (fits most Whites machines and other metal detectors)
  • Coil Bolt Set – 5/16″ x 1.5″ – Part Number 2005 (fits Anderson Minelab CTX and Equinox lower rods)
  • Coil Bolt Set – 1/4″ x 1.5″ – Part Number 2002 (fits most Fisher, X-Terra, and Tesoro metal detectors)

It is always good to have a spare set of coil bolts in your metal detecting accessories. You may need them that day you lose them from carelessness or a freak accident. In my case, I was metal detecting in the Mojave Desert for meteorites and had one of my metal detectors, ironically the Tesoro Mojave machine, disassembled for transport near our tent as I took a rest from the brutal heat. A nasty dust devil came without little warning. Anything not well tied down or bolted down securely took off in the dust devil and got scattered around the desert. This included a loose coil bolt I just took out of my coil. I never found it. Seeing that Anderson Detector Shafts sells various-size coil bolts was a relief. They come in a set of five and are worth ordering to always have spares.

Anderson AT Series X Brace – 0937

If you use a Garrett AT series detector, the AT Pro, or AT Max and need a new brace for your control unit to repair a broken one or just want to add one to prevent damage, I suggest purchasing Anderson’s billet aluminum-made one. Finished with a durable anodized coating, it looks sleek. It comes with assembling hardware and is easy to add to your AT series metal detectors.

Besides the above metal detecting accessories, Anderson Detector Shafts sells other items from spare parts, find pouches, fishing magnets, and more. Keep them in mind when thinking of your next accessory purchase. 

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